• A body lotion usually consists of three main components that all work together:
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  • The resources below provide safety and regulatory information about soaps and lotions.

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Hello wellnessmama, being a newborn in soap making and other natural beauty products I keep searching for new recipes everyday and hhave become a fan of you. I have two queries one with this lotion is that can this lotion be done just with oils or is it mandatory to add butters.. I’m running out of stock with butters and can’t wait to try this out.
Second query related to soaps.. Is there any substitute for distilled water. I have recently shifted to middle east region and finding it really hard to find distilled water. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

I recently received a cream made by a friend of a relative using Apricot oil, Calendula oil, olive oil, beeswax and lavendar. At my age (71) and being a redhead (until I went prematurely blond) I have skin damage from years of getting sunburned and it has come back to give me fits. This cream (which she calls Mend) has really fit the bill. It has done wonderful things for my skin. But I want to make it myself. And I would like to have a more lotion-like rather than the melting salve type. Can anyone give me an idea of the proportions I would use to make a lotion? I have already purchased the Apricot oil and Calendula oil and beeswax. I may forego the lavendar since I want to share with a friend who is allergic to it.


VS Body lotion smells amazing in any scent!

Which ingredients in store-bought lotions are carcinogens? I’d be interested in reading the scientific or medical literature on which you base this claim.