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Little Tikes Big Car Carrier


Little tikes big car carrier still got everything with it comes with the 2 cars all in good clean condition
Collection only
Need gone ASAP

It's Kyra's Birthday and as we peruse the endless shelves at Toys R Us, she finally decides on a Barbie. We walk towards the baby section to check on something for a friend when she lets out a small scream of joy! "Mom, look at the cool cars- and a truck that holds them too!" I laughed, "Well, it's that or Barbie." Needless to say, you know what she said as I write my epinion on the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier.

The Little Tikes Big Car Carrier is for both boys and girls I have grown to find out! Costing us $29.99, we took it home and easily got it out of the box without any paper cuts! The Car Carrier itself looks like a semi-truck, a dark navy blue with a gray body. If you have the Little Tikes dollhouse people, they fit into the passenger seats- a little extra bonus for your tots! There are 2 cars that come with it, again the Little Tikes Dollhouse figures fit in as well, and come in bright red and yellow. The best way I can describe the cars is that they look like Dodge Neons.

You can place both cars INSIDE or ON TOP, while moving the Car Carrier around to play.

NOW- when TRANSPORTING the Car Carrier to and from the car, or Grandma's house, HEED my warning! If you DO NOT hold onto the plastic end that holds in the cars, they WILL fall out!! The end does shut, but it does not snap, therefore, with rough play or moving, the cars will come out. Now, I will tell you that after our cars fell out, they did NOT break! Little Tikes is made of the rubbermaid plastic, so it's kid tough and strong- made to last!

Kyra has had this toy since she was three, she is now eight and it still looks brand new!
I highly recommend this toy for any girl or boy, ages 3-7, for this Christmas Holiday Season! Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope this helps you in your Christmas shopping!


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