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Ninja 8 PCS New Arrival Assemble Blocks

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And finally, we’ve got the granddaddy of all LEGO Ninja Turtles sets (and the biggest LEGO TMNT set ever released): the LEGO Turtle Lair Invasion 79117! If you want the LEGO Donatallo minifigure from the movie, this is the only set that includes him. In fact, this is also the only set that will include the movie versions of Shredder and Splinter as minifigures. I was dreading the $100 price-tag on this, but a lot more palatable to me.

The LEGO Ninja Turtles Big Rig Snow Getaway is definitely my least-favorite of the three LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sets coming out next month. I love, love, love that LEGO 79116 comes with LEGO Karai, April O’ Neil and Leonardo minifigures, but the LEGO Big Rig vehicle itself doesn’t get me that excited. I’m pleased that I can get instead of the $70 plus tax MSRP, as I really want those minifigures of movie April O’ Neil and Karai. Yay Megan Fox!


LEGO Ninja Turtles T-Rawket Sky Strike 79120 TMNT Review

LEGO Ninja Teenage Turtles 3D game is out – and you can play as any one of four heroes, jump around the city and sewers and fight bad LEGO guys. Game is very polished, fun to play and looks nice. Good luck, ninjas!