• Legacy Titanus
  • Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Comparison 2
  • The Legacy Titanus also rocks some added articulation in the neck.
  • Legacy Titanus

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Legacy Megazord Titanus


I made an entry for Legacy Titanus yesterday, but it was Alerted and vaporized within a few hours because lol really inconsistent MFC rules when it comes to American-brand products. So figures of American comic characters are okay when they're made by a Japanese company (Kotobukiya), and figures of Japanese-origin Biohazard and Akumajo Dracula characters made by an American company based in New Jersey (NECA) intended for a western audience ("Resident Evil" and "Castlevania" packaging) are okay, but a mech toy built by an American division (Bandai of America) of a larger Japan-based company (Bandai) based on an American character (Power Rangers) that's directly adapted from a Japanese design (Zyuranger) is an eeevil rule violation. I don't get it.

Mirroring what happened with the Legacy Dragonzord before it’s release, has just revealed brand new in hands images of the upcoming Legacy Titanus!


Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Legacy Series Titanus Action Figure

But with big power comes an even bigger price tag and according to …the Legacy Titanus will cost $200 so start saving those Power Coins! Of course, this new Titanus will fully compatible with the already released Megazord and upcoming Dragonzord. The exact release date wasn’t disclosed but with the 200 dollar price tag…is the Legacy Titanus too hot to handle?