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LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System, Green(Discontinued by manufacturer)


I remember seeing an advert for the Leapfrog Tag Reader when it first came out and thinking that it seemed a rather pointless toy to buy a child. Surely you can encourage children's reading without the need to buy yet another expensive gadget? However, I will now eat my words as we have just purchased a Tag Reader for our eldest daughter!

So what is a Tag Reader? Basically it's a a battery operated pen shaped object with a few buttons. The Tag reader works specifically and only with Tag books - when the Reader is pointed at the pages of the books it speaks to the child e.g. it will read the story, tell you what objects are, play music, etc depending on what it is directed at. The books vary but all have a main story along with various activities and games that you can play too. You can also then plug the Tag Reader into your PC which then allows parents to see what sort of activities the child has been doing and how well they are progressing. Tag is suitable for 4+ years, however our daughter is 3 1/2 and already has the hang of it so I would say it will suit younger children if they are showing an interest in reading.

Good points? This is a very fun toy for children and makes books come alive which is obviously encouraging and keeps them interested. There are lots of activities within each book so there is lots to do - hopefully making the life of the Tag Reader a long one! I really love that we can chart our daughter's progress by plugging the Reader into the computer and it allows our daughter some independence with books - rather than always having to be read to, she can now have more control over the stories and go it alone without mummy or daddy having to help!

Bad points? The most obvious downside, and the one which probably put me off the Tag Reader the first time I saw it, is that I feel it could end up being used instead of reading WITH your child. I really don't think that anything is quite as good or beneficial to your child, or their reading abilities, than actually sitting down together to read a story so I really would hope that nobody would buy the Tag Reader as a replacement to that. However, if used alongside family reading then I think it's fantastic! The Tag Reader is also quite expensive at around £30-£40 (usually with at least 1 book included). Additional books are also around £12 each so this isn't a cheap toy by any means.

Opinion? We love the Tag Reader! Yes, it's expensive but it should (in theory!) last our daughter (and her little sister when she gets to that stage!) well into the primary school years. Our daughter loves that she now has some independence with her reading and has definitely progressed with her letters and words while still enjoying story time with mummy and daddy too.

Overall it's a great little gadget but definitely shop around for the best price as there seems to be a huge difference depending on where you go and loads of deals on Leapfrog toys!

The leapfrog tag system was another great Christmas gift my 4 year old daughter received this year. I was rather impressed when I say this out on display in our local early learning centre. My sister decided to buy it her for Christmas as she loved books and this looked rather good.

The leapfrog tag is a handheld pen that your child can use to read books etc...It is very impressive as the tag is able to read the words out load when a world is touched. I found this amazing as the paper in the books look normal so I'm not sure if there must be some sort of magnet in it. I like the fact that on each page it has various pictures that your child can press on and they all make different noises. There is also an option where you can allow the tag to read each page without pressing on the words. I think this option is better for children as the story doesn't make sense as when my daughter does it she sometimes misses out some of the words.

There are also different activities and games in the books which have different level depending on your child's capabilities.

A book does come with the tag but you can buy others separate. My daughter is a massive Sponge bob fan so we got her that. In order for your tag to recognise additional books you have to upload the book onto your tag. In order to do this you have to download the soft wear to your computer ( you get a cd with the tag) and then follow the instructions to download the book. This reminds me a lot of itunes as you have to name your tag and also sync things onto it.

I really like the sponge bob book. I think its great that the tag recognises all the characters from the show and talks in all their different voices.

When my sister bought the tag it was rather expensive. She paid £40 for it and the additional books were around £12 but I was shocked to see that the tag was selling for a mere £15 in Asda just before Christmas so at this price you would defiantly be getting your moneys worth.


LeapFrog Tag Junior Cars 2 Book

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a set of physical books with an interactive talking stylus that helps your child learn to read, pronounce words, and solve puzzles. Think of it as a halfway point between interactive PC media and a physical book.