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Razor A5 Lux Scooter - Red


For comfortable, fast and simple mobility (Having a chance to chase the kids on their scooters). Developed particularly for the requirements of adults, with its large wheels this scooter is best suited to overcome longer stretches comfortably and quickly. The footboard is somewhat lower and thus guarantees an ergonomic and pleasant posture. With is stylish and clean look it is the perfect companion for the urban neighborhood. Height-adjustable handlebar and fender.

Since the feet are nearer the ground on a scooter, it is easier to step on and off than even a bicycle, hence the rider can alternate walking and pushing as energy and route dictate. Large wheel scooters afford a more effective workout than standard bicycles as the whole body is engaged in the effort of kicking. Pushing or kicking a large wheel scooter places less stress on the joints than pedaling a bicycle,[] so it is often preferred by people with knee problems. Although the bicycle is a much more effective and efficient long distance machine, in 2001 Jim Delzer propelled a kick scooter across the United States.


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