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Andance (1Pair) Adjustable Thick Sponge Collision Avoidance Kneeling Kneepad Outdoor Climbing Sports Riding Knee Protector Protection (Black)


Our website offers a couple of ways to keep your sliders smelling better. The first one is the . This bag is small and made out of mesh to perfectly fit your knee pads. This mesh bag hangs from the outside of your volleyball bag; the mesh the bag is made out of allows your knee pads to air out properly. This bag works because you are no longer throwing your knee pads in your bag to trap the smell inside. The mesh bag allows your knee pads to air out freely and allow more air to run through them and ventilate them. The second option that we offer is the Stinky Knee Knee Pad Spray. This product is a strong mixture that you can spray on your knee pads after you use them to eliminate the odor. Not only do you spray them on your knee pads but you can also apply the spray directly to your knee to prevent the odor.

These knee pads are highly recommended if you have ever had previous knee injuries. The PU foam is made to give you the best cushion on impact. The adult sizing for this knee pad is one size fits most, but the measurements for fitting around the knees should be around 12 to 18 inches around to get the proper fit. If your knees happen to be smaller than 12 inches we also have the . These knee pads are Unisex and also come in two different colors (black or white) for your selection. The knee pads have about a 10 inch sleeve so they are going to be relatively long on you. But, length can be a good thing. Usually when a knee pad is longer it helps the pad stay up on your knee when being active.


Manufacturer: Condor OutdoorTactical Elbow & Knee Pads

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