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Mommy's Helper Kid Keeper, 1 Count


Best made and most adjustable kids harness available. Used for our daughter since 15 months old. She's 3 years old now and the harness should fit for many years to come. We are buying a second for our 14 month old son now. My only complaint besides cost (but that's obvious) is that you really have to exaim it everytime you put it on because of the way the shoulder straps cross in the back. You'll definitely get used to it, but its not entirely intuitive.

The main thing to consider with a kids climbing harness is the amount of adjustment available in the waist and leg loops. Fitting a fast growing child in a climbing harness that is at the outside end of its adjustment range will only mean buying another one in the very near future. One of most adjustable kids harness currently available is the which features some of the same great technology seen in DMM’s adult harness range such as the floating waist loop. The floating waist loop means the child can get a perfect fit throughout the whole adjustment range as the attachment point can be brought to the front centre of the body. The has fixed, elasticated leg loops and lacks the floating waist band, but we’ve found it to be a better fit for smaller kids, it’s also fantastic value for money and comes boy and girl colours – great for fashion conscious 6 years olds!. For even smaller kids we’ve found the best climbing harness when a full body harness isn’t available, is the , which comes in some really tiny sizes.


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