• Journey Girls - Dana - Red jacket
Journey Girls 18 inch Doll Fashion Outfit - White Ruffle Sweater, Gray


Journey Girls 18 inch Doll Fashion Outfit - Black/White Blouse, Jeans, Clogs and Fashion Bag


  • Recommended Age: 4-8 yearsBrand: Journey Girls
  • Journey Girls Wheelchair and Crutch Set
  • Journey Girls Classic 18 inch Doll Bedroom Set

Super Value 5 Outfits plus Shoes American Girl Doll Clothes - 18 inch Doll Accessories Set Fits American Girl Doll, Our Generation, Journey Girls Dolls by WEARDOLL


First, Journey Girls are 18″ slim body dolls that sell for about $30 at Toys R Us, and various retailers. They can share furniture and many accessories with American Girl and other 18″ soft body dolls but not all of their clothes are interchangeable and they can not share shoes. Journey Girls can share with other 18″ slim body dolls like Carpatina, , and similiar. Springfield Dolls and Maplelea are a little slimmer than AG so they can share some Journey Girl items – you just have to experiment.

Again, I have to thank Madelon for sending in these photos! She bought the Journey Girls Kelsey that is wearing the tribal print sweater from Toys R Us and the Saige similarities are definitely there!


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Meredith is one of 6 Journey Girls. They are all best friends, who enjoy traveling. They each have special abilities. They complement and always help each other. Wherever they may be, they always remain in contact with each other, calling and writing messages to each other a lot. Countless adventures await the girlfriends. Which of the sixth Journey Girls suits you best?