• iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date: Coming Soon
  • Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (iPod touch 5th Gen - Left, iPod touch 6th Gen - Right)
  • The iPod touch 6th Gen models with a rear camera but without an iPod touch loop, are model number .
  • For those interested, the iPod Touch 6th generation tech specs are as follows:

Apple iPod touch 16GB Blue (6th Generation)


iPod touch 6th generation Vs 5th gen differences – The first thing that everyone wanted to know right from the start was whether the new model was larger or looked any different to the outgoing model, and we have already covered that above, and it’s already obvious that people feel as though Apple has been a bit lazy on that front.

iPod Touch 6th Generation features a large 4.2 inches display with improved 1280x720 pixels resolution and increased 440 pixels per inch density, powered by iOS 6 running on an A6 Dual-core 1GHZ processor.


iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date: Coming Soon

We are now waiting for the backlash because of the iPod touch 6th generation disappointment people will be feeling right now. Of all the products needing an update, the touch was it, yet Apple failed to deliver a refresh of the two-year old model. We have already started to hear some of the backlash from our readers, so Apple had best make sure they have thick skin.