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Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack (White)


Update: Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film is also rebranded and sold (strangely enough) as Polaroid 300 instant film. For our purposes, these are interchangeable.

The Mini 90 does have a couple of minor shortcomings that we could quibble about. The small square shape can make for an awkward grip, mostly because it gives no real estate to hold on to for the middle, ring, and pinky fingers positioned to the right of the large, 3-inch-diameter lens housing (in this regard the wider-gripped Instax Wide 300 noted below is a superior ergonomic design); these three fingers end up getting pressed against the sliver of camera body to the side of the lens-mode dial base. By no means is the size a dealbreaker, but it is unfortunate; otherwise, the Mini 90 feels as if it were designed with a good grip in mind. Also, a small loop harness on the corner right side at the bottom of the camera body means the camera tips over easily when placed upon a flat surface. This is a strange design decision, considering that a loop could have been easily placed on the right side panel instead of the bottom. Finally, because the Mini 90 uses 62-by-46-millimeter Instax Mini instant film, don’t expect to pixel-peep your shots for nitpicking detail. The photos are fairly small.


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