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Rubie's Costume Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Child's Deluxe Hulk Costume, Small


The 100% cotton Hulk Kids Costume T-Shirt will help control your child's emulated unbridled wrath. Why? Mainly because the Incredible Hulk can smack Loki around, but is not immune to be grounded. You ever see Marvel's Bruce Banner stay the Hulk while on time-out? Exactly. The Hulk Kids Costume T-Shirt is for the children and features the likeness of the Incredible Hulk's torso! Unfortunately, they don't come with shredded purple pants/shorts but your child will still love the Hulk Kids Costume T-Shirt! What's not to love about a gamma-crazed rage monster? Isn't that why people have kids?

He's green, he's mean and you wouldn't like him when he's angry! He is a seriously big boy and one you wouldn't want to bump into accidently in the street. Although, being him would be pretty awesome! No one would ever bother you again! Now you can be him with Hulk Buster Kids Costume. Turn yourself into the angriest scientist out there with this hulk outfit, which will make you feel like that man himself in no time. This costume is an officially licensed Hulk product. Get yourself one for any TV / film dress up bash or a superhero party. You'll be mad as hell if you don't.


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