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Vandor 18010 Hello Kitty 12 oz Collapsible Water Bottle, Pink


Chan’s place – a seven-room apartment above Kowloon’s famous
shopping street, Granville Road – was perfect. It contained everything
you ever needed to block out reality; cable TV, video games,
Playstation, Hollywood movies, Hong Kong movies, sex movies and lots
and lots of drugs. It had Hello Kitty curtains, Hello Kitty bed-sheets,
Hello Kitty kitchenware and Hello Kitty dolls. Chan used it as an
operations center for loan-sharking, pimping, pirate porn and drugs –
mostly ice (Metamphetamine), lots and lots of ice. And to understand
Chan, to understand what happened in that apartment, you have to
understand a little about ice.

As of 2015, Sanrio offers a selection of Hello Kitty kitchenware including a popcorn maker, a five-piece melamine table set and several types of ceramic mugs. The company also sells a four-cup ceramic espresso set with saucers and a stand.


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