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Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child's Costume - Child's Small Size 4 to 6, for ages 3 to 4, 44 to 48-inches tall, 25 to 26-inch waist, 27 to 28-inch chest, 27 to 28-inch hips


So many choices! It seems like the world is always just bombarding you with a whole maelstrom of different decisions for you to make. What color shoes should you wear? Should you wear your hair up today or down? What should you watch on Netflix with your significant other? All those questions are enough to make your head spin! Unfortunately, picking a costume isn't much different. What character should you be? How revealing do you want to go? What can you wear year after year? The good news is, we're bona fide costume experts and we've got a ton of advice to share with you about choosing Halloween costumes for women.

There are tons of Halloween costumes for women with swashbuckling savvy! Choosing the right one for you starts with evaluating just how much skin you want to show on your outing as a . This first gives you a full coverage option, which has a floor-length skirt, and a three-quarter sleeve top. The bust boasts some lace along the neckline to add a classic and cute style, sure to help you get into character. The outfit helps you look ready to set sail across the high seas, all while letting keep a modest look. Of course, we recommend you pair this with a set of pirate boots to really kick your style into buccaneer mode.


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