• GOLD SQUADRON – Lando Calrissian with the Millenium Falcon & some wingmen
  • Gold Squadron is a part of the Star Wars universe.
  • Gold Squadron launching from .

Star Wars The Black Series Jon "Dutch" Vander (Gold Squadron Rebel Pilot) 3.75" Figure


On this episode we discuss the changes coming with Heros of the Resistance & Wave 9, Our Next installment of the X-wing Trivia Challenge, and a new segment call ITS A TRAP! If you have ideas for segments you would like presented, have a list you would like us to discuss, or want to contact us for any other reason email us at We are on Twitter @GoldSquadron Join our Facebook group and Like our Page! Host: Dion Morales Co-Host: Alex Mehring Co-Host: Andrea Longhi

Duringthe trench run, Blue 4 was Killed In Action (KIA), Blue 2 was hit andhad to pull out and Blue Leader shot unsuccessfully at the exhaustport. Another run by three members of Gold squadron resulted in theirdeaths; in order Gold 2, Gold Leader and Gold 5. During Red Leader'strench run, his two wingmen were destroyed, Red 12 and Red 10, beforehe himself was killed after also unsuccessfully shooting at the exhaustport. The final run was made by three others from Red squadron. Red 2(Wedge) was hit and had to leave, Red 3 (Biggs) was KIA and Red 5(Luke) successfully hit the target.


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A flight of was organized as Gold Squadron in . They arrived from at to take part in the of the . ordered them to concentrate on the . The flight helped take down its shields.