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Glass Chess Set, 3 Sizes (7.5"/10"/14") - Elegant Design- Durable Build- Fully Functional - 32 Frosted & Clear Pieces - Felted Bottoms- Easy to Carry- Reassuringly Stable - Perfect Gift! (14" x 14")

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With so many chess sets, it can be hard to choose! For a modern look, many customers like glass chess sets. They include a full set of chess pieces and chess board.

Hi, my name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley, and this is about chess sets and materials. Chess sets are normally made out of wood, that would be the classic material, but chess sets come in all different other kinds of materials as well. For a modern feel, you can pick a glass chess set. Glass chess sets come in two kinds, they're either white on white, in which case there will be a clear set, and that would be the white, and a frosted glass side, which would be the black. You can also find sets that are clear and frosted black with frosted black checks on the board. Either one of them would make a nice modern look for your living room. And they have a nice heavy feel to them, and are usually not too expensive. And that's glass chess sets.


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