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Coleman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bag


That is the cutest ever! And I loved Sweet Pea's sign - My American Girl Doll sleeping bag my way! Way to go, Sweet Pea. Can't wait to see what she sews up on her own machine! I'm sure she is going to have a wonderful party. (And I'll bet Papa Pea will get a bit charge out of it, too!!)

The guy was told that the girl he was hanging out with lately is a crush of a local "big man" and he was asked to kidnap the girl as a part of an old caucasian tradition of "stealing the bride". Later the guy is looking for that girl and then finds her lying upon a tree in her sleeping bag. He grabs the girl. When she wakes up she doesn't understand what's going on. The guy says goodbye to her and she, half-sleepy, says him goodbye too. He zips the girl in sleeping bag, big man's men steal the "package" and the girl helplessly trying to escape from their hands.


Attack Of The American Girl Sleeping Bag.