• GI Joe Skystriker
  • Here is an unused test sequence of the GI Joe Skystriker with a night sky background animation.
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Sky Striker Jet with Capt. Ace Figure


Would love to get more figures but sadly funds have run out now for my spending budget but I made damned sure that the last items I got were MP Rodimus Prime,The Republic Attack Shuttle,and the Gi Joe Skystriker as the last major items. Only thing I have picked up recently was a Gundam Unicorn HGUC ReZel Commander Type from BBTS on Clearance.[Last one they had too]

This San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive redecos the new GI Joe Skystriker in Generation 1 Starscream colors. It includes a figure of Cobra Commander in his flight suit, who comes with a Generation 1 Megatron (gun mode) accessory.


was featured in several of the various media of GI Joe ..