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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Xbox One


In the first year of its life, the selection of games on Xbox One was a bit limited. The selection of good games? Even more so. But now that we’re well past the one-year mark, there are more good games than ever, with new contenders arriving all the time. In fact, there are enough good games that we now think the console is .

Fight on! The rebooted 90's classic continues to rule the roost as one of the best games on Xbox One. Button-mashers need not apply, as Killer Instinct's combat system is rooted in a easy to learn, but difficult to master, set of special moves mixed with combos comprised of light, medium and heavy attacks.

For Season Two, Killer Instinct introduces eight new fighters to the mix, including fan favorites such as TJ Combo, Cinder, Maya and Riptor. It's a must-play for gamers who were fans of the original series, as well as players searching for a fighting game with a complex fighting system. ing your explorer's wit, because Rise of the Tomb Raider hits the Xbox this holiday season.


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