• A full size mattress has the following measurements:
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  • The bed uses a full mattress.
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Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Full. Available in Multiple Sizes


Comfort & Support: If you are interested in one of the softest mattress options available for children, take a look at our full mattresses with plush top pads. Most of our plush top full mattresses for kids include edge support, which keeps the mattress stable around the edges. Our foam options offer maximum comfort while providing ample support. Memory foam also helps expel excess body heat. To accommodate any bed setup, we also offer kids full mattresses for trundles and bunk beds. No matter the needs of your child, we have the full mattress for you at Rooms To Go.

Having the right mattress can help you get a full night’s sleep so that you can wake up well rested and full of energy to tackle your day ahead. Choosing the right full mattress for yourself is a personal decision as your sleeping posture is unique to you. However, having said that, you should keep some things in mind when buying a full mattress:


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Mattresses is always use above our bed. However, there are several classification about it. There are single, full, queen and king bed size. It is ascended from the smallest one. However, full size mattresses are somehow different. It has two different type, full and extra full. Here is a discussion about it. You will understand more about it. Thus, you will known more and could choose for the best consideration before buying a full size mat.