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Frozen (2013)

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For the orchestral film score, Beck paid homage to the Norway- and -inspired setting by employing regional instruments, such as the , and traditional vocal techniques, such as . Beck worked with Lopez and Anderson-Lopez on incorporating their songs into arrangements in the score. The trio's goal "was to create a cohesive musical journey from beginning to end." Similarly, Beck's scoring mixer, Casey Stone (who also supervised the recording of the score), worked with Boucher to align their microphone setups to ensure the transitions between the songs and score were seamless, even though they were separately recorded on different dates. The final orchestrations of both the songs and score were all recorded at the Eastwood Scoring Stage on the studio lot in Burbank by an 80-piece orchestra, featuring 32 vocalists, including native Norwegian Christine Hals. Boucher supervised the recording of Anderson-Lopez and Lopez's songs from July 22 to 24, 2013, then Stone supervised the recording of Beck's score from September 3 to 6 and 9 to 10. Boucher mixed the songs at the Eastwood stage, while Stone mixed the score at Beck's personal studio in .

Under the supervision of sound engineer David Boucher, the lead cast members began recording the film's vocal tracks in October 2012 at the recording studio in the songs had been orchestrated, meaning they heard only Lopez's demo piano track in their headphones as they sang. Most of the dialogue was recorded at the in Burbank under the supervision of original dialogue mixer Gabriel Guy, who also mixed the film's . Some dialogue was recorded after recording songs at both Sunset Sound and ; for scenes involving Anna and Elsa, both studios offered vocal where Menzel and Bell could read dialogue with line-of-sight with one another, while avoiding "" between their respective tracks. Additional dialogue was recorded at an facility on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank (across the street from the Disney Animation building) and at the Soundtrack Group's New York studio, since the production team had to work around the busy schedules of the film's New York-based cast members like Fontana.


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I really love the characters, they are endearing and have that classic Disney feel that you and I grew up with. The love between the sisters that is put to the test, the feeling of not quite belonging, and heart warming friendships that develop will give Frozen a special place in not only your children’s hearts but yours as well. My daughter and son are both anxious to see it. Just like Tangled, there is something for the boys in the audience to enjoy too! Whether this is your first time at a Disney movie or like me you are a Disney Kid for life, Frozen is a must see movie for sure!