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Bee Movie (Widescreen Edition)


My favorite Dreamworks movie! WHY Dreamworks? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING IT INTO THE GROUND LIKE THIS!?!? WHY?! All the originals are amazing, but everything after that was not as great, I mean, they don't even bother with amazing graphics anymore! Besides, it's lacking the breath-taking music! Just Hiccup telling everyone how to fight things! I mean, I love the show, if it wasn't supposed to be so similar to the originals! WHY!?!?!?!

I liked How to Train Your Dragon fine, however I'm a bit surprised Shrek did not make it's way up to number 1. Generally I dislike DreamWorks animated movies because the humor seemed more oriented at kids rather than making it fun for all age groups. Granted, these movies are geared toward children, but it's a much better experience when both the children and the adults enjoy the experience. Shrek manages not only to captivate both children and adults alike, it's one of the best animated movies period. The characters are humorous and well voiced, the plot is clever and is not gloated with extreme slap-stick humor (sometimes there is some here and there, but it's done appropriately) and just has a charming feel, especially with all the fairy tail characters (my personal favorite, the ginger bread man). Definitely an awesome movie and deserves the prestigious of number 1. - Salsander


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