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Dora the Explorer Carnival Fiesta Game


This Dora the Explorer online game has a cast of Dora characters including star which give Dora special help like making bridges to pass over canyons. The Dora game photo below shows the game screen. In that example you can see the tree branch with stars. Encourage your child to collect stars in the game and give them little hints about how to get those high up stars in the Dora game.

This is one of the best Dora games to help your childs skills with a mouse. They will learn to listen and the names of the game objects. It's a simple Dora the Explorer game so it's perfect for a first time player.


Dora the Explorer Games and Online Activities | Nick Jr

Here is a sneak peak of the Dora games that we feel are the best online. They all feature Dora and her friends, their voices and are a great way for your child to learn words, letters, and following directions. Don't think that these are poorly designed games because they are free. Far from that. These Dora the Explorer games are excellent and authentic experiences that feel just like the television show. Your child will LOVE these and the best part is they are FREE. The only slight issue will be on websites like Nick Jr. that sometimes play a video ad before your child can play. It's not that big of a deal and the advertisements are suitable for children although they are targeted to you the parent!