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  • The Powerpuff Girls - S1E2a: Monkey See, Doggie Do
  • The Powerpuff Girls - S1E2a: Monkey See, Doggie Do

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John and Alesia Ray opened Doggie Do's Barber Shop in 2012 with the intent of giving the Hueytown area a grooming shop unlike what they'd seen before. They wanted this salon/boutique to bea place they would feel comfortable leaving their own pet, a beloved Dogue De Bordeaux named Sir Ruger Ray.

With that in mind, Doggie Do's Barber Shop was born. Ruger is the shop mascot and is here every day greeting four leggers and two leggers alike. Ruger gets visitors on a daily basis thatdrop in just to say hi, give him a pat on the head, or even a cookie from the Sweet Shoppe. We have since added a new baby Dogue De Bordeaux, Beretta Rose. She is our mascot in training and lovesvistors too!


Doggie Do's Barber Shop - About Us

We don’t teach them what we want them to do. Before you call this out as a no-brainer, think about it. What do we want our dogs to do on walks? We want them to 1) walk beside us and 2) look at us when we talk to them. Let’s start by teaching them these skills. Teaching a dog to look at us is as easy as calling their name and giving them a small bit of food when they look at us. Teach this skill at home and practice it a lot before going out into the wild world on a walk. Similarly, use bits of for following along beside you in your house and in your fenced yard. These are the core skills of taking a walk, right? Let’s teach them ahead of time before we put the dog to the test.