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Alma's Designs Dentist Kit


Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. offers Catit Dental Chew Toys featuring a special cotton fabric woven in a grid pattern that gently and effectively removes plaque, the company reports. The toys include bright tassels and contain catnip to help entice playful gnawing. Choose from assorted shapes (candy, disk, ring, sausage, stick and fish) and bright, mismatched colors (yellow, green, pink and blue).

Dogit Design GUMI Dog dental toys turn brushing time into playtime! GUMI dental toys help improve your dog's oral hygiene as he plays. The toys are specifically designed to help floss, remove plaque, and deep clean those hard to reach areas. GUMI toys are a fun, playful way to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth. In addition to helping remove plaque and deep cleaning those hard to reach areas, the Chew & Clean includes a soothing pouch and treat pouch at either end. Fill the soothing pouch with water and freeze to provide relieve to teething puppies and dogs with sensitive gums. Add treats to the treat pouch, and as the dog works to get at the treats, his teeth and gums rub against the product's surface, removing plaque buildup. The Dogit Design Chew and Clean is the ideal way to make sure your dogs teeth and gums are getting cleaned, all while he or she Is having fun!


Doc McStuffins Dentist Toys - Toy Unboxing

Welcome to the Dental Dog Toys superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, we're proud to offer the largest selection of fun, unique and entertaining dog toys on the web. Dogs love to play; it's part of their instinctive nature and a key way for them to establish a close and lasting bond with their humans. We want you and your dog to have the very best playtime possible, so we went out and found every chew, ball, tug, game and frisbee we could get our paws on in order to meet every canine's needs. And to make things even easier for you, we've marked everything way, way down - even up to 70% off - for the best prices on toys and games for dogs you'll find anywhere!

Dogs need active, regular dental care just as much as we people do. It's sometimes easy to forget that - and let's face it, sometimes brushing a dog's teeth is not entirely pleasant - but there are ways to help keep your pet's teeth clean even in between brushings. Dental toys feature special shapes that are uniquely designed to reduce tartar and scrape plaque off of your dog's teeth while he chews. Not only does this help your dog keep a healthy, happy smile, but it helps relieve his need to chew at the same time! Our selection of safe, durable dental dog toys features quality chews from the most trusted names in pet toys, including Nylabone, Spot, Kong and more.