Darkfire Dragon - LOB-019 - Rare yugioh card


LOB-019 Darkfire Dragon Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card


  • The True Legends Darkfire Dragon features:
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  • Darkfire dragon:

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Darkfire Dragon (LOB-019) - Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - Unlimited Edition - Rare

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it seems overpowered at first, but the fusion-material monsters are relatively hard to summon (darkfire dragon is a fusion card from LOB and spirit of flames requires removal of monsters from play)

Buy True Legends Darkfire Dragon - Whether you side with the savage orcs or stay loyal to the mystical elves, make sure the True Legends Darkfire Dragon is always on your side! Exclusively from Toys'R'Us, this mighty beast holds dominion over the battlefield with his fearsome roars, glowing eyes, and fiery breath. His spiked wings flap and span over 20 inches, proving he's a challenging monster to tame!


Darkfire Dragon: Firegrass with a level 5 Petit Dragon