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  • "Get out a crock of strawberry preserves," said Marilla consolingly.
  • The quartet that empties its crock first wins the game, and then the sets of players change.
  • The pot (as at Blackfriars) is the three-legged cast-iron vessel called in Devonshire a "crock."

Disney Fairies Baby Crocky Plush

Too low to display

From the (the Liverpool-East Lancashire Road, abbreviated to and known commonly as East Lancs Road) passing Malpas Road to St. Swithens including the much talked about haunting of Gillmoss School. Croxteth was one of the first "suburbs of Liverpool". Croxteth Park, a development area, came many years later.

The first houses in the Croxteth estate were in fact built in the immediate postwar period to house skilled workers from and who had been brought in to the English Electric and Napier factories on the East Lancs Road), and families from the dockland inner-city areas who had lost their homes through bombing and slum demolition. The second tunnel came much later. The first families arrived in 1951 to live in an estate that was without roads, pavements, shops, pubs or buses. However, in the wake of during the late 1940s and early 1950s, massive residential extensions at Croxteth, alongside similar and indistinguishable development of neighbouring Norris Green, resulted in what together, are now regarded as the largest municipal housing estate in Europe.


the cutest little crocodile from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy :)

We had a brilliant day. Crocky Trail is everything good about being a kid. Outdoors, adventure, excitement, risk taking (within reason,) adrenalin, butterflies in your tummy, running around, getting muddy and lots and lots of fun! We will definitely be visiting again!