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In my work with thousands of clients, I have found three reasons people allow their careers to meander rather than to live leadership and set the pace of progress. Interestingly, they correspond to three core leadership skills.

1. Clear, consistent communication: Knowing who you are, what you want to contribute and aligning your actions are the precursors to being able to effectively communicate this information to others. When people are unsure of themselves, don't believe they are worthy or ready for their dream job or feel they need "more experience," they fail to effectively convey to others what they do have to offer. Without clearly communications our worth and aspirations it is impossible to allow others to meet us. Opportunities to more toward our goals don't magically appear, they are created out of our desire to contribute our best and our ability to share what it is with everyone.

2. Conscious choice: It is much easier to believe that our careers are determined by factors outside our control than to know we are masters of our leadership. Feeling tied to a job for its benefits, not trusting that we can create work that is fulfilling and a complete match to our desires and feeling the scarcity of time are all ways we choose to slow the flow. The only reason those that we admire have achieved stimulating, successful and financially freeing work is that they have chosen it.

3. Conflict Resolution: Whenever we seek to align our leadership with the highest expression of what we have to offer the world, people and situations appear that allow us to clarify whether or not we are committed to moving toward our goals. Conflicts are inevitable. We can't prevent them from happening. What's important is to develop the grace to handle conflicts well. As you move toward what you want to create, colleagues might criticize your choices, friends might try to keep you from "making a mistake," or you might feel the pull of "staying the course" in the way you were taught success occurs. Learning how to stay true to your guidance and belief is key to keeping differences of opinion from stopping you.

Our careers are reflections of us and how we are leading in our lives; unlike election cycles, most of our dreams don't come with a built-in deadline. It is up to us to determine the important milestones we want to reach, and to ensure that we keep the flow going to achieve them--and to continue to do so throughout our lives.

For example, even though more of the customers receiving the code B1 accessed the website, because the Call To Action didn't state the end-date of the promotion many of them may feel no urgency to make an immediate purchase. Consequently, if the purpose of the test had been simply to see which email would bring more traffic to the website, then the email containing code B1 might well have been more successful. An A/B test should have a defined outcome that is measurable such as number of sales made, click-rate conversion, or number of people signing up/registering.


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let’s be honest: we are pretty excited about , but even with the progress we are seeing, it would be hard pressed for us to see one zipping around in any time soon. the best bet of a flying car experience for now would be the B Remote Control Flying Car. this futuristically-shaped car features enormous wheels (enormous by its body proportion, btw) that allows it to transverse unforgiving terrains and achieves high speeds on flats, and when it hits an impossible obstacle, just take to the sky in its helicopter mode and be on your way again. the B is equipped with four brushless motors that powers four individual propellers located in the confine of each of its 220 mm near-indestructible wheels, plus 2 extra motors are also included in the rear to drive this remote control toy when in its car mode. so, in essence, it is really a remote controlled hybrid car-helicopter that satisfy all grown ups’ fantasy of a flying car. and being a helicopter, it takes off and land vertically without the need for runways, and it is totally capable of transitioning between the two modes as and when you desire.