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Special care should be taken in the selection and purchase of Christmas toys for kids. Many people manage to leave their Christmas shopping till the last minute, and find themselves stuck in a crowded department store trying to buy a dozen different gifts for different peoplein the last ten minutes left before the store closes. It somehow happens to the best of us that Christmas, which occurs on the same day every year, year after year, manages to creep up on us and take us unawares, such that we find ourselves running hither and thither in order to manage our Christmas shopping and food etcetra.

• If you are buying Christmas toys for babies, then make sure that the toy is colorful, large and smooth. Toys for babies should not have any sharp edges, or small parts that might come off. The toy and all its parts should be large enough in size so that they can never be ingested and made out of materials that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Colorful rattles, toys with soft music or blinking lights and soft toys are a good choice when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for babies.


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If you are not a fan of giving kids toy guns then consider sports equipment. A soccer ball or a football is not a gender specific gift and can give children hours of pleasure. If your child has siblings to play with then this is a great gift to get them out of the house and bonding. Christmas toys for kids do not need to be the latest and greatest thing in order for them to derive pleasure from it. In fact, many toys specific to the latest fad end up sitting in the toy box a week after they are given. This is because they out live the wow factor and they are no longer the in thing. There are only so many things you can do with a Ben 10 toy as well. Other than looking at it and playing Ben 10 for a few hours it doesn’t really have a long term appeal like arts and crafts or sports.

There are too many Christmas toys for kids out there to choose from now; although this is a blessing in disguise. With the rapidly changing technologies that are absorbed by the toy manufacturing industry, toy makers are getting more inventive with toys. Many of us probably grew up with very basic toys. Now you have video consoles that allow kids to play video games in an almost photo realistic environment and complex toys that require five pages of reading before you even work out how to use it. Depending on the age or mental maturity of the child you may have different options as well. Try and find something with long term appeal.