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  • Charizard ex (Japanese: リザードン ex ) is a  Stage 2  card. It is part of the  expansion.

TCG: Charizard-EX Collection Card Game, Red/Blue


M Charizard EX is one of the bestest Pokemon cards there is. And yes, bestest is a word, when you''re using it about this card! Mega Charizard is a boss, with its blue flames and dragon-like awesomeness! Not to even mention his attack! Wild Blaze does an epic 300 damage. Sadly, this card comes at a cost: you have to discard your top five cards! Even though this card comes at a risk, whether you''re collecting or playing, Mega Charizard is an awesome Pokemon to brag is in your collection and great to use against a high-HP Pokemon like Wailord! Greatly recommend you buy at whatever cost!

First of all, let me just say that this card is just, amazing. The artwork on it is awesome, not to mention that it does 300 damage. This guy is just a boss at any battles, because its basically stage one, since you need to place it on charizard EX, so you can get it early in battles. It also gains Dragon type, which is one of the very OP typings.


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