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Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure 12" (Official Disney Product)


The next day, Buzz and the toys arrive across the street from Al's Toy Barn, but a wall of traffic lies in their way. Buzz formulates a strategy to safely cross the road by utilization of traffic cones, dropping them and proceeding under Buzz's commands (indirectly causing a massive pile-up on the street). Arriving at the entrance to Al's Toy Barn, Buzz, after seeing a worker enter the store to ensure that the doors open and close automatically, orders the toys to jump simultaneously on a door sensor mat to trigger the door open, and once inside, Buzz tells the toys to split their search. During his search, Buzz encounters an aisle full of new Buzz Lightyear toys inside their boxes. He then catches sight of the words "NEW UTILITY BELT!" on a display stand and, thinking he may be able to use one of those, climbs up the stand only to encounter . When he foolishly attempts to take this Buzz's belt, the Buzz suddenly springs to life, mistaking him for a rogue space ranger due to believing he's a real space ranger and overpowers him in a fight. Andy's Buzz is tied up and imprisoned in an empty Buzz Lightyear box and placed on the shelf by New Buzz. When the toys cruise by, they take New Buzz, mistaking him for their Buzz. Andy's Buzz tries to shout to them that they have the wrong Buzz, but the toys don't hear him and drive off. After a while, Andy's Buzz manages to jump down from the shelf and kick himself out.

Then, Buzz hears a voice calling for him. Thinking he can finally rendezvous with Star Command, Buzz opens his wrist communicator, but he realizes that the voice is actually coming from a TV, in which a commercial advertising Buzz Lightyear toys available at is playing. From that commercial (as well as a "MADE IN TAIWAN" message inscribed on the lid of his wrist communicator), Buzz has discovered, for the first time, that Woody was right, he is a toy, much to his dismay. Dejected, he walks out of the room and down the corridors, then catches sight of a window above the stairs. Despite Woody's voice echoing in his mind , he nevertheless tries one last attempt at proving he was a Space Ranger by opening his wings and jumping from the top of the stairs, aiming toward the window, only to fall to the bottom of the stairs and sever his left arm in the process, finally realizing that Woody was telling the truth after all. There, he is found by Sid's little sister, , who decides to borrow Buzz for a tea party, nicknaming him as "Mrs. Nesbit." Woody then enters Hannah's room after emerging from his hiding place to coax Buzz out of the room. When Buzz sarcastically shows him off as "Mrs. Nesbit," Woody tries to make Buzz come to his senses by opening Buzz's helmet, slapping Buzz's head with his severed arm, and politely closing his helmet. As Buzz moans over not being able to fly out of the window, Woody, seeing the window to Andy's room through the window out of Sid's room, pulls Buzz into Sid's room. He calls to Andy's toys next door and throws some Christmas lights to them. Slinky Dog catches them, but Mr. Potato Head grabs them away and doesn't let Woody back, still believing that Woody intentionally knocked Buzz out the window after telling the other toys have they forgot of what he did to Buzz. So now Woody has to prove to the toys that Buzz is with him, despite that Mr. Potato Head accuses Woody a liar. He calls Buzz to come and show himself.


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The Buzz Lightyear toy is a constant toy on the lists of kids everywhere especially those that experience the movie for the first time. Now with over 35 different variations of that toy, varying sizes, colors and modes of entertainment it has the potential to maintain its high selling profile for the Walt Disney World company. There may be more variations out there so if you believe that my count is off please feel free to contact me and I will update the post. Enjoy free shipping on many items from the Disney store in upcoming new banners leading up to the holidays. Thanks for reading.