• Rin Tin Tin is impressed with baby boy barbie.
  • Paul left little boy barbie’s present with the wench while he dashed off to chase away the British.
  • Mom showed off little boy barbie in his new hat.
  • What a handsome little boy barbie!

Barbie in Rock N Royals Ken Doll


Myrrhy got the couple settled in the barn, got some water boiling at his burger stand, and then coached Mary as she huffed and puffed and looked at her focal point. Joseph put some clean straw in the manger to use as a bed for the baby and coordinated a few more details on the phone with Paul while watching Mary push. Little boy barbie popped out and the couple rejoiced. Myrrhy rejoiced. Much rejoicing.

Tired new mom and dad brought little boy barbie out to enjoy the warm day and watch the party plans unfold. Their PlasticLand friends began to arrive, bringing more food and some presents. The sun was warm. Bees buzzed and birds twittered. The mood was festive as people welcomed the newest member of PlasticLand.


Little boy barbie gets tucked into the manger.

Away in a manger, no cap for his head
The little boy Barbie turns blue and not red
The Paul Revere doll looked over and cried
“The British are coming! The baby must hide!