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39'' Soft 100% Pp Cotton Toy Giant 100cm BIG Cute White Plush Teddy Bear Huge by Lanna Siam

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The image "little cute girl embracing big white teddy bear indoors. Little kid near flower pot and bicycle." from is available on Fotolia under a royalty-free license (Credit from She loves accessories, always modeling a signature fuzzy red bow tie to match the 12 inch plush red heart on her right hand. Being a big white teddy bear holding a heart and measuring 4 feet in height has its perks. For starters, Dazey gets to be a and a Valentine’s Day gift too! Dazey is also somewhat of a “celeBearty”, quite the jetsetter too. For Dazey Mittens, traveling year round all over the world as a unique teddy bear surprise gift, is a walk in the park!.74).

Bell Woolly Tubs is an adorable wool-like big white Christmas teddy bear with a Santa hat and a green bow. She has soft, woolly white fur that is cuddly and perfect for hugging.


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