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Thank you, Jason. And big hugs back. What a wonderful mother. She could so easily have carried on (fearful of giving) as her own mother had. Instead she chose to give what she had wanted so badly in her own life. My mother died when I was ten years old. When my daughter turned ten, that unthinking but event recording part of my brain, actually felt jealous of her. “She has a mother, but I didn’t,” it thought. Fortunately, I realized I AM THE MOTHER! I had no idea I’d heal my own wounded inner child, but I was determined to give her a mother: myself! I can only hope your own mother healed by loving all those who had been abandoned. And I can tell you–as the mother–nobody is more special than our own. Great story!!

Thank you Kathleen. We have an opportunity with those we perceive as selfish to look beyond the surface and to find the pain the selfish acts are hiding. By doing this we find a person who, just like us, is hurting and in need of a hug… and then we give them one. That’s compassion in action. Big hugs of love – Jason


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Thank you, than you, thank you my dear and closest friends Laura, Sara, Sandra, Marga, Camilla, Olga, Jeroen, Marina & Katrien. You were ALWAYS there when I needed you the most, to share, relax, cry or laugh together. You made me feel special & loved. Thank you for your time, messages, talks, support, shoulder, big hugs… You are all GREAT!