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  • New Beyblade Shogun Steel Battle Set demo at NY Toy Fair 2013.
  • Beyblade shogun Steel BeyWarriors Octagon Approx. Retail: $39.99Recommended for ages 8+

Beyblade Shogun Steel Battle Tops Water Team Set(Discontinued by manufacturer)


The beyblade shogun steel series based on the aforementioned anime series starring zyro kurogane and samurai ifraid beyblade wiki is a fandom comics community

, known in Japan as is a Japanese manga by Takafumi Adachi based on 's spinning top toy line. It is also an anime that aired on beginning April 8, 2012 and starting in mid-August 2013. Shogun Steel is the seventh in the line of shows, following the trilogy of shows started with . Whereas the previous shows focused on metal parts, the line of Beyblades in Shogun Steel will focus on battles with the advent of a new stadium system.


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A Hasbro spokesperson tells ToyNews: “Beyblade is the perfect line for boys who love tops battling action, and the new Beyblade Shogun Steel tops feature an all-new Top System with Synchrome Technology, which allows you to combine any two Shogun Steel tops for double metal power.”