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  • So what is the best nerf gun for the pacifist?
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  • So what is the best nerf gun for the pacifist?

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster


Another bestselling Nerf blaster which ranks high both on looks and functionality. One of the impressive feature about this gun, is its range which can reach a distance more than 70 feet. To reload you just need to flip the cylinder. It also has a slam fire feature. Which means you just need to hold the trigger and it fires continuously. And by the way, it holds 6 darts at a time.

Nerf Blaster are truly amazing and they are so many of them. Sometimes it might be difficult to decide which the best Nerf gun is. We have some recommendations for you. You also need to figure out what kind of Nerf gun you want. For starters I would recommend you to use pistol inspired guns. They are quick to use, have stylish designs, and are not that heavy. Gradually you can move to the bigger guns. There are also different series, like the Nerf N-Strike and the Nerf Zombie Strike. Guns in such series have few common features. If your kids are into movies, you can also buy the movie inspired blasters like the G.I. Joe Nerf blasters.


This year’s ten best NERF blasters based on popularity and ratings ..

While personal preference plays a big part in selecting the best Nerf gun, everyone from the editors at Popular Mechanics magazine to Nerf-loving bloggers have listed their favorites. These top Nerf guns provide quality construction, accuracy, and hours of fun. Some of them include uncommon design elements or extra features that give players a leg up on their competition.