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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard


In-Ground Basketball Hoops offer a step up from Portable BasketballHoops. To a basketball enthusiast, there is nothing more handsome in ahome than an in ground basketball system perfectly integrated into thedriveway of a home. It's both aesthetically pleasing, and practical. Inground hoops offer a higher degree of stability which is a keyconsideration to the basketball connosieur. You want a solid hoop thatyields a minimum amount of sway when you clank a shot off the rim or doa monster tomahawk dunk. Poles used on lower end come in sections of as many as three. That's fine forthe casual player. If you want more, however, look for the thickest gaugeone piece pole you can afford.

Portable hoops offer the greatest flexibility of placement around yourdriveway and yard. You may live in a cul de sac where a can be placed into the street on a "temporary" basis offering an inviting play areafor you and your neighbors. You may want to assemble the hoop and playright away without digging holes and waiting weeks for the cement toset. If this describes your needs, there are entry, mid, and deluxelevel portable basketball hoops suited to your needs.


Here are the Best Basketball Hoops on the Market

When it comes to portable basketball systems, the best portable basketball hoops come with professional grade breakaway rims that have the springs protected in a box that connects to the backboard.