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BarefootDreams Bamboo Chic Lite Weekend Wrap (Midnight)


Swaddle your baby in the Bamboo Muslin Wrap for a comfortable, secure and restful sleep.
According to health authorities, wrapping your baby puts them in a cosy and secure position, which helps to prevent SIDS.
Bamboo Muslin Wraps, often referred to as Swaddles, are soft against your baby's skin.
3 -pack means you'll always have a clean one ready… Available in white only

We swaddled The K Man until he was six months old, and Miss Q nearly as long. And with both of them above the 100th percentile for height and weight, they quickly outgrew any swaddling blanket I could find at the time. Part of the reason is that I could never find one that was a perfect square. When I made my own, I made them square, and I can’t quite figure out why companies keep making them in any other shape. Squares mean you can swaddle evenly on both sides without one weirdly long side that doesn’t tuck around your baby’s body as well. At 100 cm x 120 cm, Bubble Bamboo Wraps are – obviously – not square. They should be.


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Ensure your little one is wrapped in comfort with the New Bamboo Jersey Wrap from Bubba Blue. Designed with comfort in mind, the New Bamboo Jersey Wrap from Bubba Blue keeps your little one cosy. Manufactured from 100% bamboo jersey, the wrap is ideal for swaddling your child to get a peaceful nights rest. In a classic white hue, the New Bamboo Jersey Wrap is sure to be a nurturing addition to your baby's nap time.