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As Seen on TV Telebrands Ball Pets (Puppy)

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Ball Pets are a purchase for your children, and they should have no problem opening the ball and discovering the pet inside. Once they are done playing with the pet, it is easy to close them and keep them in their ball form until they are ready to be opened again for play.

Ball Pets are a toy that can be used for children who need more time to play outside. Children love plush animals, but don’t see a reason to bring them outside. But with Ball Pets, they can roll them up and play with them outside all they like. Many games can be played when rolled into a ball. Children can toss the ball to each other or roll it down a hill. Then when they return home, they have an ideal companion when they’re playing in their room or sleeping.


Ball Pets TV Spot, 'Roly Poly Plush Balls'

Ball Pets can be played with open or closed, and your kids can take them anywhere! Close your Ball Pet up to play with it like a ball, open it up later to reveal a new plush pal. Ball Pets are perfect for kids, and even promote active playtime. Best of all you can choose from 6 Unique Ball Pets including: Pinky the Unicorn, Jolly Green Dragon, Red Rover Puppy, Berry Blue Kitty, Puffy The Purple Bear, and Sunny The Puppy!