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The Motherhood Collection 6 ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths, 100% Natural Bamboo Towels, No-Dyes, Perfect for Sensitive Baby Skin, 6 Pack 10"x10"


Baby washcloths are an ideal scrap-buster. The size can vary, depending on how much fabric you have. You can mix and match fabrics. And they don’t take long at all.

These baby washcloths have soft flannel on one side and a cute cotton print on the other. They’re a quick and easy project and can be paired with the hooded baby blanket from a previous column for a handmade baby gift set.


Baby Washcloths & Infant Washcloths - Luxuriously Soft!

In addition to the softness and absorbency, I also like the soft pastel colors of the Bysco Kids bamboo baby washcloths. The eight-pack comes with two each of pastel pink, blue, green, and yellow. (The difference in color between the yellow and green is a little hard to see in my photo because I could not find great lighting, but the colors are different.) The light colors make the set a perfect gift for a baby shower. My daughter really loves the pink, which is her favorite color. The mix of pastels makes these super soft washcloths perfect for babies of either sex. Each washcloth measures ten inches by ten inches, which makes these perfect for adults as well. I personally use mine on both my kids and myself. I go through multiple washcloths each day to wipe dirty hands, faces, and bottoms, so I am pleased that my Bysco Kids cloths are full-sized.