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Baby Einstein - Baby Mozart - Music Festival


Remember the 1990s craze of the Mozart effect? Exposing your baby to Mozart music may be soothing, but it won’t make them smarter. That theory has since been debunked by numerous studies.

whether or not this actually does fulfill its lofty promise of expanding infant crania, it serves more to irritate the hell out of anyone who takes care of kids, and it probably costs more per minute of footage than high class porn. my advice is to just download some mozart played by an actual non-midi orchestra and play it, then supply the kids with actual real life toys like the rest of the world. but then again, sometimes you're in a bind and you gotta do what you gotta do just to keep the kid occupied while you make lunch or check your email or take a poop. in these circumstances baby mozart can oft come in handy, thus explaining my rationale for awarding this film one and a half stars instead of an outright hateful one star.


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Recipient of the US National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Baby Einstein’s Baby Mozart Compact Disc is a 15-track, 28-minute collection designed as a playful introduction to the genius of Mozart, the child prodigy from Salzburg. Bring to life the Classical Period (1750-1830) with the brilliance and grace of classical music by Wolfgang Mozart and enrich your child’s life by exposing him or her to melody and harmony in this audio journey of some of Mozart’s best work. Re-orchestrated for little ears, this collection is sure to bring joy to your child's playtime or bedtime. Tracks from this delightful CD are featured on our Baby Mozart video and DVD.