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Beistle 66675 Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game, 17" x 18.5"


Well, because babies don’t love them, in the first place! No baby that I know – or parents that I have talked to – just gave the pacifier to their baby and they joyfully accepted it. Not, it was a long and difficult process of getting them used with them as all babies will initially spit them out, refuse them and even cry when you try to give it to them. Tricks to make them accept them faster are varied and usually unhealthy: from the kind-of-acceptable “put it in milk before giving it to the baby” method to strange ones like soaking them in syrup, honey or other foods, these are nothing but tricks that we use to get the babies used with the pacifiers.

It might be difficult to get the baby used with the pacifier, but it’s a lot more difficult to have them stop using it. My parents joyfully told me that when I was little I had no intention of giving my pacifier away so they had to sprinkle hot paprika powder on it to make me stop using it. This is absolutely outrageous and just shows how difficult it is for a baby to stop using this little demon.


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