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Apple White is a kind, cheerful and generous girl and doesn't desires praise (though she does appreciate it). She takes her duties as a future ruler very seriously and is using her time at to prepare herself to be the perfect queen. She has always heard praise only for her looks even though she is a very smart girl, so she studies hard and tries to prove everybody that there is more to her than just looks. Ever since early childhood, Apple has dreamed of being Snow White and places the most trust in the system of legacies, thus she acts as the leader of the at . However, Apple is not without her flaws; she tends to act self-centered, and often fails to understand the feelings of people who want to write their own destiny, like Raven and other . This changed in , when Apple comes to understand the importance of destiny and choosing your own path in life, through her friends and , as well as the fact that vile people are capable destroying people's lives, including her own, through the Storybook of Legends. Apple however has another flaw, she was born with blonde hair and the Snow White fairy tale states hair of ebony, so Apple feels pressure to show you can be a perfect Snow White with blonde hair.

Unlike Raven, Apple White is a very confident follower of her destiny, and she encourages everyone to follow theirs as well. Apple believes that with a perfect destiny, she must be perfect as the next Snow White. Although, Apple has to learn of the discomforts of Raven and her friends and that everyone, including herself, has flaws.


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Applewhite began to emphasize a strict hierarchy, teaching that his students needed his guidance, as he needed the guidance of the Next Level. Zeller notes that this naturally ensured that there would be no possibility of the group's continuing if Applewhite were to die. A relationship with Applewhite was said to be the only way to salvation; he encouraged his followers to see him as Christ. Zeller states that the group's previous focus on individual choice was replaced with an emphasis on Applewhite's role as a mediator. Applewhite maintained some aspects of their scientific teachings, but, in the 1980s, the group became more like a religion in its focus on faith and submission to authority.