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Mezco Annabelle REPLICA Doll 18"


Thanks to Hollywood movie The Conjuring that Annabelle became a globally popular legend. There are two movies that tell the haunting of Annabelle the doll. Annabelle was gifted by a mother to her college going daughter in 1970. She took it with her in the hostel room. She and her roommate liked the doll and kept it near their bed. Things got suspicious when they would often found the doll to be in other room or in different corners of the same room. They would even find papers with childish writings. The two girls were comforted by a psychic who claimed that the doll belongs to the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle who died in fire. The girls willingly kept the doll with themselves but this turned out to be a wrong decision. Believe it or not but one of the male friend of the girls was attacked by the doll to the point that it left scratch marks on his chest and thighs. It was in late 1970s when the girls contacted Ed and Lorraine (famous paranormal investigators) who claimed that the doll is actually haunted by a demon. The doll currently resides in Occult Museum where it is enclosed in a glass cage. There is a warning sign on it that says ‘DO NOT OPEN’.

While I was searching for information about the real doll as opposed to the movie version, I stumbled upon a Facebook page titled, “Free Annabelle the Haunted Doll.”


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This spin-off finds a husband (Ward Horton)giving a doll to his pregnant wife,portrayed by Annabelle Wallis (yes, theactress's name is also Annabelle), to helpcomplete her collection. After a homeinvasion, they discover that Annabelle theDoll has introduced an unspeakable evilinto their home. Watch theAnnabelle movie teaser trailerfor a glimpse at the horror that ensuesshortly after the doll arrives. Annabellewas inspired by a real-life Raggedy AnnDoll.