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Air Hogs - Helix Ion Drone 2.4 Red/Black


It flies much MUCH better without a string and a cheeto hanging from it. I was in disbelief a "toy" air hogs quadcopter could fly this well. It has two levels of control, basically a dual rate switch on the power button (off / low / high). I've flown it into walls pretty hard, dropped it from the ceiling a few times, not a mark on it. The control is even good enough I can fly up and land it on the end of a (stopped) ceiling fan blade.

AIr Hogs Elite Helix X4 Quadcopter Review Today we are super excited to do a hands on review of the new Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Stunt.

At Toy Fair 2013 we got our first demo of this Air Hogs Quadcopter and now we have had some time to play with it and test it out. Let's just say we are very impressed with the Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter.

The Helix X4 is very easy to control with the gyro stabilization and stunts are as easy as pressing a button. The Helix X4 should be out around August 2013 and retail for around $90. The only downsides - the remote uses 8 AA batteries and you only get about 7 minutes of fly time before you need to recharge (takes about 20 minutes to recharge).

Here is more information on the Air Hogs Helix X4 -
The Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 is a high-performance R/C quad-copter heli. Utilizing 2.4GHz radio control, gyro stabilization, and 4-ducted fans the Helix X4 is aggressively maneuverable and incredibly fast! Built with two distinct control modes, beginners can easily learn to fly, while advanced pilots can work to master flight. The Helix X4 features incredibly crash-resistant materials protecting the rotors and delivering superior durability. It's full 4-channel control enables the Helix X4 to easily outfly any obstacle. Air Hogs brings you the future of flight with the Elite Helix X4!
Age: 12+

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