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Magic 8 Ball


The Magic 8 Ball includes 20 possible answers. They are positive, undecided and negative. Naturally, the positive answers will include the response yes to the questions asked, in different forms. The non-committal ones will includes answers such as try again, ask later, better not to tell you now, cannot predict now or concentrate and ask again. The last five answers are the negative ones. They will most likely include my reply is no, outlook not so good and very doubtful. The answers offered by the Magic 8 Ball have a certain degree of value, meaning that they will vary for instance from probable no to definitely not. Asking the Magic 8 Ball different questions to find out your future will be really simple. And also a lot of fun. Many people use the Magic 8 Ball to have fun during the parties they are planning. However, keep in mind that the Magic 8 Ball is a toy you can always use when you want to be in a good mood, smile or even laugh. With the Magic 8 Ball you will need no other games at a party to entertain your guests. And if one thing is certain is that everyone will have a great time.

Ask the Magic Eight Ball a Question
Yes! You can ask the Magic 8 Ball any questions that pops up in your mind. But please only consider those simple yes or no questions for the magic 8 ball to respond with a sometimes serious, sometimes sarcastic, but always entertaining answer without any doubt.


The Magic 8 Ball Oracle has answer to all the questions.