• 3ds is a .
  • ultra 3.7.1 supports Emunand NEW 3DS/3DS 11.1
  • 3DS is roughly the same size as the DS Lite.
  • 3DS (retractable) vs. DS Lite stylus

Nintendo New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL Console


I can’t believe its over, I remember reading about the rumours of new games, what times the nintendo directs would happen and posting videos of the new 3ds you got from Japan, and I didn’t think you would end the blog with all super smash bros. news coming out but I guess you want to move on. Thanks for all the 3ds news, David!!!

Damn its ashamed to see you go . . . I was here from the start. Seeing the growth of 3DS you produced news fast and with quality. So good it rivaled with Nintendo output. It was a good run ;(


I would buy that. Even if I already have a 3DS.

Speaking of storage space the 3DS uses the dirt cheap storage of SD and SDHC cards, the latter of which can reach up to 32 GB in size. When we get to the Vita you’ll understand why this might be the deciding factor for more than a few folks.